Molding Mobility


Mobility and flexibility go hand in hand, but mobility is more about movement
quality. This program is intended for beginners looking to do one of two things:
increase general range of motion in your movements, and/or help fix all the
creaks, aches, and pops of age and bodily disuse

This program is intended to go hand-in-hand with Starting

Always consult with a doctor if you have any injuries, and stop doing things if
they produce pain. I am not a medical professional, and cannot afford a lawyer,
so use this program at your own risk.

The Program

This program is split into two sections – joint mobility and warmup exercises.
The Joint Mobility work is quick and should take no more than 5-10 minutes. This
should be done daily, preferrably every morning. One could alternately do joint
mobility before the warmup exercises.

The warmup exercises should be done before a workout, with the goal of
increasing your range of motion for the workout.

Joint Mobility

Each of the following movements covers one joint. Most of them are “circles” and
should be done both clockwise and counter-clockwise. 5-10 reps in each direction
is sufficient, but it’s helpful to add additional reps for troublesome joints.

Press to the edges of your ROM, but not enough to cause discomfort. This should
be gentle. All repetitions should be at a medium to slow pace

Once a week, you should perform a session for a number of reps equal to your age.

Warmup Exercises

The warmup exercises consist of 6 simple movements intended to warmup the whole
body while working your mobility and range of motion. You are more than welcome
to add additional warmup exercises in here, but these 6 should be included
whenever possible

Perform 5-10 reps of each exercise. If you have time, and the work is not too
fatiguing, repeating 2-3 times is also recommended